Saturday, May 23, 2009

Doug LaMarche


  1. Douglas is one of the best artist I encountered in my life. I have the great honor to have 4 pieces of his unique, soul lifting and remarkable work.

    He has touched the hearts of some many people with his karma and genuine way of being. To us (my kids and I) he is a living example, that the sky is the limit. BRAVO DOUGLAS !!!!

    The Ruiz-Merroth Family in Newport Beach, CA

  2. Met Douglas on a trip to LA in September this year. Had a great chat and bought one of his amazing paintings unfortunately it had to be small enough to fit in a suitcase.
    Canberra Australia

  3. I just left Venice beach and my own chance encounter with Douglas. I turned, and he was right in front of me. Holding two pieces of art. A three dimensional bust of a female, and a two dimensional collage painting. I asked him if I could take a picture of him- he looked so cool with the orange November sunset behind him- and he obliged. Well, we struck up a conversation and i found him to be just so pleasant. it was so strange- I knew he was holding art, but I didnt really "notice" the art until we started talking. Suddenly his art was so beautiful to me, and to hear him talk about how he made the pieces made the art that much more incredible. I had to own them both and was delighted to find out that they were both available. I didn't even think about how I was going to get these pieces back to Chicago with me and still don't know. It doesn't matter.

    I had my wife and kids with me and could see the wonderment in my kids eyes to hear Douglas talk about his art. This was a magical and chance encounter with a great man. Thank you Douglas!

    The Friedlands,
    Chicago IL

  4. Great story Robert. I live here in Venice. I always look foreward to visiting with Douglas and seeing his latest art. I was visiting with Douglas on the boardwalk this evening. He had this awesome work of art "Mini Me". A lady and her family came together with Douglas, and this is where it is hard for me explain what happened. They talked, they hugged, they laughed. The lady bought "Mini Me". I am still buzzing from the vibes of that encounter! I have NEVER seen anyone respond to art like that, and then , Douglas is so appreciative and happy that it just amplified the whole scene.
    Next I was going to say that Douglas is a GREAT artist, but that is an understatement- what Douglas creates is much more than art.
    Thank's Douglas- see you out there!
    Venice, CA

  5. Thank you all for your tributes to Douglas. His spirit, determination, care and talent are truly inspiring to me. I have lost touch with Douglas - if any of you have any contact information for him, please contact me at or 323.864.3100. Thank you so much.

    Robert Zuckerman

  6. Doug is such an awesome man. He is a uncle to my best friend steph. For her wedding in September is the first time I had the pleasure to meet Doug. He had done a awesome piece of work for her and her new husband. Then on 4-27-11 we were on the board walk my husband stops looks down and he sees Doug stops me and I started small talk with Doug. Bought a piece if his work. Just so happy to have a great piece of art hanging in my home. We will be getting more. As we walked back to Santa Monica people were stopingg and asking about the art. Love it

    Amber wood

  7. Doug is a great artist and I unfortunately lost touch with him about a year ago. The energy is undeniable and I would just love to strike up a conversation with him about art and life. My name is Alex Serna, and if anyone has any idea where he is, please let me know by posting a comment.

    Alex Serna

  8. I used to work at a cafe in Hollywood where Doug painted, and I fell in love with his determination to art, and love of imagination. I have lost contact with him, but I miss his smiling face, and kind spirit. I purchased four of his paintings (which he always gave me a "starving actor's" deal on, and currently, due to moving so much, I have only one painting left of his. I hope wherever you are Doug, that you are well and creating art.
    Thank you, Jared M.


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