Monday, September 2, 2013

Parking Lot Cat

Self is everywhere, shining forth from all beings.            The Unpanishads

KINDSIGHT® began in 2002 as a series of image-text pairings whose purpose was (and is) to illuminate the richness of everyday life through random encounters and moments.  With Kindsidht ®, any moment or encounter can become a story of life’s richness.  Currently, there are permanent installations of Kindsight® pieces in three major hospitals across the U.S. with more on the way, where the art gives healing energy and spirit to the hospital community.  The KINDSIGHT® School Program, in which the KINDSIGHT® message of recognizing life’s everyday richness and seeing the good in others and the world, as well as empowerment of students and helping them know and access their power, ability and self-worth, is now in its eighth year. Currently, The KINDSIGHT® FOUNDATION is starting up, in which these and other programs and projects will be enacted, whose purpose is instilling empowerment and sense of self worth among all people, and the fostering and nurturing of tolerance, awareness and the ability for dialog and non violent means of conflict resolution.

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